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New contact info –

It has come to my attention that SEVERAL emails directed toward me were NEVER received. My website’s host is apparently incapable of delivering messages reliably, so I am changing my email address to

If you’ve seen me at a con or received a business card from me, ignore the old contact information and please feel free to email me at the new gmail address. New business cards are being printed and delivered immediately.

If you have emailed me in the past and did not receive a reply, it’s likely that your email never went through. Failed deliveries did not generate the typical auto-reply about undelivered messages, so don’t be surprised if you didn’t get that, either.

Sorry for any trouble, guys. You can’t imagine how frustrating it is to speculate on how much business I’ve lost due to this problem :/

Again, feel free to email me at the new address,


Wizard World Chicago!

What a HUGE convention!

Biggest one we’ll probably ever see! So many people!

We were sort of stuck in the very back end of the convention, but we managed to get a corner space against a wall, which allowed us to display a lot more stuff!


I also managed to get my Spiderman sprite signed by the man himself, Stan Lee!!


Adding to my list of signed pieces, here’s the most recognized voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, signing a custom Batman Animated Series sprite:



I even got a picture with Mr. Conroy! He was nice! Like, REALLY nice. Like, “way nicer than any celebrity is expected to be after hours and hours of meeting nerds” nice.
We talked for a little bit, but I had to hurry to get back to my table. He even personalized his autograph on my Batman!

Here’s some of the new stuff!

Fox & wolf

signed spider

signed bat

Got another convention in just over 2 weeks, so back to work!

Lindsey Stirling!

Just a small update ;)

Went to a Lindsey Stirling Concert and met her after the show! I made a beadsprite out of her logo and she was nice enough to sign it for me, and she even mentioned that it looked really cool!

Here’s a shot from the show, LS1.

This place was PACKED. The line getting in was insane, went a few blocks down the road, around a swamp, through parking lots…
I didn’t think so many people could fit inside the building!

We got in and could barely move, but the concert was AWESOME. I can’t believe how talented Lindsey is, to be able to move and play like that. It’s truly remarkable.

The picture above is, sadly, the best I managed to take. I only had my phone with me to take pictures, and while I took many others, they were all pretty blurry.

Anyway, after the show, Lindsey signed my beadsprite!



And here’s the thing now, adding to my collection of signed sprites :)


Wizard World – Minneapolis

What a massive convention! So many people and so many guests!

Adam Baldwin, Brighton Sharbino, David Della Rocco, Dean Cain, Ernie Hudson, Gilbert Gottfried, Ian Ziering, James Hong, James Marsters, Jason David Frank, Karen Gillan, Lou Ferrigno, Manu Bennett, Matt Smith, Michael Rooker, Nathan Fillion, Ralph Macchio, Robert Englund, Sara Underwood, Sean Astin, Sean Patrick Flanery and William Shatner, all in the same place!

The only person I really wanted to meet was Jason David Frank, the original green Power Ranger, and while I did get my picture with him eventually,


I really felt like I was bothering him more than anything else. :( Really a bummer. I’ve been in martial arts for almost half of my life, and it would have been cool to hang out a little with JDF.

Anyway, here’s my set up this time around:


And of course I have to add the things I’ve been working on lately!




















So much work to do! I’m going to try to update some of the stuff around site now. Oh boy…

Met Billy West!

Been a while since I’ve updated, so I’ve got a number of convention pictures to share, but first

I met Billy West!


He was really cool, very nice and seemed genuinely appreciative. He was generous enough to pose with this custom beadsprite I made of some of the characters he voices in Futurama (From left to right on ABOVE picture: Professor Farnsworth, Phillip Fry, Zapp Brannigan, Zoidberg) and he even SIGNED it!


I don’t know why the signature doesn’t show very well in the picture. In reality it shows just fine, it was a black sharpie.

Some more recent convention shots, you can see I’ve made a new Toon Link and Dynablade, among many other new pieces:

Meta Con 2013:

Anime Fusion 2013:


Since I’m posting, I might as well throw up a costume shot I’ve been holding on to:

ezio connor

I got to hang out with many other Assassin’s Creed cosplayers who all had their own take on character costumes. The coolest part about cosplay is that everybody has a story to tell. Each person has their own unique tale of how they constructed their outfits, and most everybody wants to hear the stories from others! Very neat crowd!

And because this is a beadsprites website, here’s a bunch of new pieces:

Pac Pack
Pac pack

Serenity / Firefly

Alucard, Castlevania

Kirby on a feather
Krabby feather

Finn, Adventure Time

Jake, Adventure Time

X, dashing

Large Toon Link
Toon Link

Paper Mario Boo

Poppy Bros Arin & JonTron Kirby

JonTron Grump
Never forget

Medium Ezio
Middle size Ezio

SMW, Cape

Journey, Transcendence Robes

Kirby in moon
Sleepy kirb

Small Zubat

Ness, Earthbound

Tiny Creeper, Minecraft
tiny creep

Mario w/tail

Classic small Mario

And a few more happy customers:

frog man

Umbreon cake

Many more pictures, maybe someday I’ll get them all uploaded! Until next time!

Black Belt Beads <3 Karmin!

I’ve been following this little group for a few years now, so when a local radio station announced they were coming to town, my wife knew how cool it would be to go see them perform. She won VIP tickets to go meet Amy & Nick before their show, and I knew I had to bring them something to sign! Well, what else besides beads? I found an image of their logo online and made a custom sprite of it, then went to work making it real. The project took about 6 hours and has just over 5,600 beads.

Here we are “back stage”

Any signs her name

Nick’s turn

We also got spots right in the front row for their show, which was awesome!

Front row Amy & Nick!

Had a lot of fun and I’m extremely pleased to have this hanging in my house!


CONvergence 2013

Our very first four day con, and only three days after our last con AND right smack in the middle of our move to our new place! What a busy weekend!

Still managed to find time to go around assassinating people

and our booth was in an excellent place, right next to the only door in and out of the dealer’s room!


CONvergence was a very different show than I’m used to, way busier, with more people and more stuff going on. Saw a lot of familiar friendly faces, though! Turns out, CVG2013 had about 7,000 guests! Some really interesting steampunk stuff going on, too, with many of the vendors selling their custom leather and brass gear. Just about every room on the second floor was a party room and there was even a taiko group that played, even though this isn’t an anime-specific convention. I really had a blast there, hope I can make it in again next year.

Things are starting to finally calm down a bit, and we JUST got internet access in our new place, so production should be starting up again very, very soon. Have to be ready for MetaCon and finish up the last of the commission orders!


Welcome Animinni visitors! This year we were sort of tucked back in a little corner, but this worked out pretty well for us! We had quite a bit of wall space to display some of our larger pieces, and people loved them!


We sat right across from Sonny Strait and saw a lot of familiar faces this year. Anyone who asked about custom orders, we’re going to get started on those pretty soon! Send me an email if you’ve got some questions or want anything made special!

ACen is over :(

We’re back home and unpacked from the largest convention we’ve ever attended, and it was exciting!

Special thank you’s to everyone who stopped over, very special thank you’s to those who bought something and VERY VERY special thank you’s to the many people who came over and told us that we were the best bead booth they’ve ever seen at any convention! There were at least nine other bead sellers at this convention alone, so that means a LOT!


We set up the biggest booth ever this time around, and we still didn’t have room to display many of our items for sale




Was sad to see some of it go, but I know the art went to good homes.
Now back to work! Only 7 weeks until AniMinneapolis!

Anime Central 2013!

After packing everything in the car, driving several hours, checking into our hotel and setting up the booth we are finally ready at Acen! Come see us at booth #74!

Here’s a map of the Artist’s Alley side of the Hall, the blue booth is Black Belt Beads. This place is HUGE and there are a ton of vendors!