CONvergence 2013

Our very first four day con, and only three days after our last con AND right smack in the middle of our move to our new place! What a busy weekend!

Still managed to find time to go around assassinating people

and our booth was in an excellent place, right next to the only door in and out of the dealer’s room!


CONvergence was a very different show than I’m used to, way busier, with more people and more stuff going on. Saw a lot of familiar friendly faces, though! Turns out, CVG2013 had about 7,000 guests! Some really interesting steampunk stuff going on, too, with many of the vendors selling their custom leather and brass gear. Just about every room on the second floor was a party room and there was even a taiko group that played, even though this isn’t an anime-specific convention. I really had a blast there, hope I can make it in again next year.

Things are starting to finally calm down a bit, and we JUST got internet access in our new place, so production should be starting up again very, very soon. Have to be ready for MetaCon and finish up the last of the commission orders!

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