Lindsey Stirling!

Just a small update 😉

Went to a Lindsey Stirling Concert and met her after the show! I made a beadsprite out of her logo and she was nice enough to sign it for me, and she even mentioned that it looked really cool!

Here’s a shot from the show, LS1.

This place was PACKED. The line getting in was insane, went a few blocks down the road, around a swamp, through parking lots…
I didn’t think so many people could fit inside the building!

We got in and could barely move, but the concert was AWESOME. I can’t believe how talented Lindsey is, to be able to move and play like that. It’s truly remarkable.

The picture above is, sadly, the best I managed to take. I only had my phone with me to take pictures, and while I took many others, they were all pretty blurry.

Anyway, after the show, Lindsey signed my beadsprite!



And here’s the thing now, adding to my collection of signed sprites 🙂


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