Wizard World Chicago!

What a HUGE convention!

Biggest one we’ll probably ever see! So many people!

We were sort of stuck in the very back end of the convention, but we managed to get a corner space against a wall, which allowed us to display a lot more stuff!


I also managed to get my Spiderman sprite signed by the man himself, Stan Lee!!


Adding to my list of signed pieces, here’s the most recognized voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, signing a custom Batman Animated Series sprite:



I even got a picture with Mr. Conroy! He was nice! Like, REALLY nice. Like, “way nicer than any celebrity is expected to be after hours and hours of meeting nerds” nice.
We talked for a little bit, but I had to hurry to get back to my table. He even personalized his autograph on my Batman!

Here’s some of the new stuff!

Fox & wolf

signed spider

signed bat

Got another convention in just over 2 weeks, so back to work!

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