“About me” Updated, new shows booked!

I made a quick update to the “about the artist” page to include a bit more information on who I am, but the real reason for this post is to announce that Black Belt Beads has been accepted will be appearing at Meta Con AND Anime Fusion!

For more information about these conventions, check their websites
Meta Con
Anime Fusion

I think both of these conventions are in their first year, so come out and support the growing Anime community, meet new people and maybe even meet some anime voice actors, animators and directors!

Meta Con is first, Labor Day weekend, starting August 31st 2012, and goes to Sunday the 2nd of September. If you’re going to the state fair, do that early so you have time to come to Meta Con, too!

Anime Fusion is a bit later, from October 19th to the 21st. During Animinneapolis, Anime Fusion had a promo table set up, so I got introduced to a couple of the staff members of the show and I’m eager to work with them at their own convention!

In both of these shows we’ll be in the Artist’s Alley room, which most conventions have placed in the same room as the dealers.

More updates to come, check back soon!

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