Ezio, Anime Fusion and Insert Coin

So I’ve always been into the Assassin’s Creed series, but this is the first time I’ve really tried to put together a really solid costume. I didn’t want to half-ass this thing so I’ve been working on this for about a month and a half, but I’d like to think the result is pretty good…

Me as Ezio

I’m seeing double! Eight Ezio’s!!
Yes I have the necklace, too, you just can’t see it very well. 🙂
I got a TON of double takes, hugs, picture requests and compliments at Anime Fusion! I even took home a first place trophy in a costume and performance competition, in which I threw a couple kicks. One of the people at the convention said he’ll send me a video, but my time on stage was extremely short, about 15 – 20 seconds, really. Check my YouTube channel or subscribe because I’ll eventually have the video up.

After Anime Fusion, I updated the costume a bit to accommodate a second hidden blade and took the costume out on October 27th to a costume contest downtown in a new club called Insert Coin(s). It’s a gamer club! They have consoles and arcade cabinets everywhere, and all of the walls are covered in gamer art. I spoke with the owner briefly and we might be working something out to put up some of my bead art in his awesome new club.
As far as the costume contest, I lost to a cardboard Pac-Man. *sigh* I was pretty disappointed by that, but oh well, what are you going to do? Had a lot of fun, saw some really awesome costumes like Dr. Horrible, Megaman, Alex Vance, even an Altair! Again a ton of people stopped me and demanded pictures! Because the reactions are so positive, I’m going to wear the costume out to the release of Assassin’s Creed III tonight.

I’m trying to put together a video of some convention/clubbing footage, but I don’t really have the camera for that kind of thing, and most of the video and pictures I take turn out… horribly. I’ll see what I can do! I’ve also got a new episode of my Phantasy Star Online 2 LP coming soon and more Shining Force III translation videos to work on. Always something to keep me busy!!

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