ACIII Release Shenanigans, more Fusion.

Had a blast last night, once more donning the Ezio outfit and traveling down to a ‘local’ Gamestop to celebrate the midnight release of Assassin’s Creed III!

Brought the camera and took pictures with a lot of people all eager to purchase the next installment in the AC series, handed out some cards, and picked up the game myself.

First up, though, are the pictures I missed from Anime Fusion!

boothThis was out booth for the first day of the convention, eventually the Hylian crest went to the back and Sonic came out as seen in this picture, taken by another table in Artist Alley


This convention was the first time I’d gotten into costume, so I wasn’t prepared for all the stops, hugs and photo requests I ended up getting.

My first kill
My first kill!

That night, the costume contest saw a number of well dressed folks on stage, here’s a shot from my brief appearance:
Leg goes up, enemy comes down.

And I met Ermac!

Alright, the rest of the pictures are from the release event for ACIII. Eventually my camera batteries died and we (meaning I) forgot to bring more than the pair in the camera, so not everybody got their pictures with me who wanted it. Still, most people had their camera phones to snap a few quick photos;

The first photo of the night, and definitely one of the most excited!

2Another happy Line-waiter…

kill1Then the killing started!

k2A double kill… and a penis knife.

break1Took a short break to go to a bar down the street. Taking a drink, gotta stay hydrated! Didn’t get one single strange look in the bar, noooooo….

ring Maybe not the healthiest food, but onion rings sounded good at the time. Found a new way to eat them!

rep Back in line, “requiescat in pace”.

notracist Equal opportunity murderer.

another Kneeling Kill

run, he gon kill you! A little dramatic, but she seemed happy!

she lives! Not everybody wanted to die, surprisingly.

But itBut it wasn’t always up to them.

One more My final kill before the batteries died out on the camera.

games But we did manage to snap a picture after we’d acquired our copies. The 360 copy was for me, the PS3 version for my friend/photographer.

If I missed your photo somehow, email me, and remember to remove the part that says REMOVETHIS.

Please try to vote for me in the costume contest!

Thank you to all who are voting, thanks to those who allowed me to take pictures with you and thanks for just reading!

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