Proud Owners

All of my first Eeveelutions went to this gentlemen, and have been wall mounted! Later, he asked that I create all the other Eeveelutions as well and he now owns all eight versions of Eevee!

All the Eevees!

Snorlax was one of my first ever sales, and as you can see he’s got a great new home with a loving owner!

Big Daddy

The gentlemen who purchased this Zero was more awake than this picture would make you think. Just unfortunate timing, caught mid-blink!

Link’s new owner, sad to see him go, but he went to a good home!

Sonic Logo
Weeks of work, now gone… So sad to see something like this go! So much time and effort went into it’s creation, but I’m glad I get to share the awesomeness of it! Sold at Animinneapolis in early Summer 2012.

Crono gets a new owner, too!

Fox McCloud in CO


Zubat and Golbat. I’m not sure if it was just me, but when I got this picture back, I was worried that he wasn’t pleased with the Pokemon. I asked him if he wanted his money back, but he said he loved his new sprites!

YoshiYoshi’s new owner at MetaCon

All pictures below this point are from buyers showing me what they did with their new sprites!

Mewtwo and Porygon

Mewtwo and Porygon2

Mewtwo and porygon3

Sonic in shadowbox

sonic shadowbox2

shadowbox sonic on display

Zero wall mounted


king of red lions

Scyther and Abra

Pikachu and Charmander

These two went all the way to Australia!

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