About the Artist

Host of the “Better Know a Pokemon” series! The first person in the world to to make the entire first generation of Pokemon in full color!

Synbios16, Beadspriter, poke-enthusiast, gamer, martial artist, moderator of r/gaming & r/beadsprites, game translator, swordsman, youtube Let’s Player, amateur musician and photographer.

All sprites are for sale, anything that has been sold, I can make again!

Front page of reddit with my giant bead Crono, Link and Sonic 2 logo. Crono had a quarter million views in a single day!
Yeah, that’s me, I think this was a couple months after I tested for my first black belt. I used to do breaks like that at demonstrations.

Currently I’m training in Iaido, ranked fourth kyu.
Here’s some Tamashigiri:

Another one!


Check out my Youtube channel where I have some bead videos, but also some game and life related stuff! Currently on a translation team bringing over Shining Force 3 for the Sega Saturn from Japanese to English!

My Ezio costume